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As we were in a state of high growth, I found that our email marketing efforts were underperforming. We just didn’t have the expertise to drive the effort. So, after a long search for the right partner, we took it to Aaron. He did a thorough review of our creative and messaging and helped us craft a compelling campaign to our subscribers. When the campaign ran, we got an open rate twice higher than anything that we sent out before. And the response rate our sales team received was huge! In one email, we got more responses than we had in the entire previous seven months. Aaron not only produced great results for us but also gave us a simple templated process to follow so that we could replicate the results their strategy generated consistently moving forward. Incredible results. We highly recommend him.

Aaron is the kind of talented human being that you want around all the time. He is unflappable, smart, creative and has extremely high integrity. He gets the job done always. Plus he is warm genuine and good-humored. I would work with Aaron again and again!

Aaron pinpointed bottlenecks in our marketing and sales pipeline, identified market segments we’d missed, and helped us launch a podcast that is our single biggest driver of new business. That was just the first year. Living Wealth has worked with Aaron for the last five years, and each contributes to our bottom line. He is innovative and works with our company on marketing that is specific to us. He spent the time to get to know us and make each endeavor a success as a result. Aaron has been a blessing and a decision we have never regretted.

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